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Happy Birthday!

  • Thing the first:
    Happy Birthday, keyweegirlie! Sorry I just missed you here but sounds like you had the visit to end all visits! :) Yay! Hope your actual birthday is wonderful as well.

  • Thing the second:
    Some fun Oscar photos. (And for my money, the worst dressed has to be DDL's wife. They must have a pact that one of them must always look extremely outlandish at all times.)

    --- Forrest Whitaker hugging an overcome Marion Cotillard. Adorable and awww-inspiring. So damn sweet.
    -- Javier Bardem & Josh Brolin indulge in some boy-touching at the Miramax party. Proving yet again that having a "J" name leads to self-slashing. ;)

  • Thing the third:
    Does anyone know how to add LJ-style tags to regular HTML pages? Is that even possible? Merci!

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