halfdutch (halfdutch) wrote,

Lost: The Other Woman

Well, I guess my transformation into a Juliet fan is complete. Not only did I like the ep but I was kind of "Woo!" when Jack kissed her. WHO KNEW? LOL.

And always good to see Goodwin again. I tend to like the island-based flashbacks. A lot more than the real world ones (time travel and flash-forwards excepted.)

And I was unspoiled, so the TV Guide spread, in which I glimpsed the phrase, "Juliet.. . killing people for Ben," had me think that she and Sayid are sexy, extremely well-dressed globe-trotting assassins in the future. Not so much! But it was fun to picture the Alias-type scenario, yes? (I suppose it could still happen...)

I am rather disappointed Juliet didn't kill Charlotte, except well, I suppose it's better if she's not going around killing people. Anymore.

And hey, Sawyer! Hi! *waves*
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