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Woooo! foxxcub surprised me with the most GORGEOUS Jack/Kate comfort smut fic!

Brace Yourself

It's just AMAZING! Perfect! Angsty and beautiful. And hot.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "Dutch, that's *so* not your OTP! What the hell?"

Well, after "Do No Harm," suddenly Jack/Kate makes sense. Yes, she's still very often used as an annoying exposition device who pops up and says things so obvious we want to smack her, but *Jack* has changed. He's dark, he's tormented, he needs comfort sex pronto! And if it comes from Kate, that's OK by me. Hell, it's GREAT.

(Not abandoning the Jack/Sawyer. Just, uh, broadening my horizons. And I'm working on my own Jack/Kate fic next.)

In conclusion: SQUEEEE! ;-)

Wait - as if that's not enough, orli (lukesaysno) wrote this FUCKING HOT Foxshy RPS and co-dedicated it to me. (faints dead away)

Sunday Morning (Married Remix)

AIYEEE! (is dead from all the sexy, smutty, delightful fic)

(holds you both down and covers you with kisses!)

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