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Lost: Ji Yeon

I was home in time to watch after all...

You all know how I feel about babies. :-/ In real life, they're adorable, of course, but as a dramatic device, they are BORING. BORING BORING BORING. Sorry, isis2105, but I almost wish they *would* kill off Sun so Yunjin can get a decent role because baby, this is not it.

The "Sun thinks Jin is dead" thing was not nearly enough of a twist for me. Which also means he's not one of the Oceanic Six, but gets off the island anyway? Hey, is there hope for Sawyer then to get off the island? (Future J/S and S/Sd is reborn!) Is there, indeed, no one to go back for? Is that all a ruse? For me, that's the only really interesting aspect that came out of this episode. I don't watch Lost for platitudes about instant karma and marriage or whatever. Okay, I'm an idiot... I've clearly watched too much Alias because I thought future Jin was married to someone else and there was a conspiracy about keeping the baby from him and all .. *rolls eyes at self* So he's really dead? I'm fine with that. Was it DDK's DUI? It never seemed like Jin and Sun would make it off the island together and it would have been really boring, honestly, if they had.

And of course we all knew that was going to be Michael on the boat. And is going to be Michael in the coffin...?

Oh, and the captain? HOTNESS. I don't know that actor... do I?He looked damned familiar, though. And the stage has been well set for more Desmond/Sayid, yes?
Next week: Someone dies. Could it be... Michael? (Seriously, I don't know, but who else might it be? Charlotte?)

... the captain. Played by Grant Bowler. Don't think I have seen him before but he's rather like an Australian cross between... say, David Beckham and Daniel Craig, doncha think?

Oh, and squirrelly tank-top-wearing Freighter guy? Was totally the guy who Russell Crowe gleefully forked (if memory serves) to death in 3:10 to Yuma. Where's Russell when you need him?
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