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Sayid pwns all?

Anyone still voting at Lost Madness?

Right now it's Sawyer vs. Sayid! What's a fangirl to do? (Sayid is winning right now-- the man is made of pwnsauce this season. While I love Sawyer, domesticated!Sawyer is not my favorite version of the man. And yeah, Sawyer beat Kate and Sayid beat Jack in the last round.)

Looks it'll come down to Sayid vs. Charlie and Desmond vs. Ben. And then... possibly Sayid vs. either Desmond or Ben? Going up against his new boyfriend or his boss? Or will it be the battle of the Brits?

I don't know if I'm going to participate in the LJ strike this Friday -- the timing sucks. It's the day after the Lost midseason finale!!

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