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Lost meme

gakked from foxxcub

A LOST Survey
Why did you start watching the show?JJ, Foxy, Dom, the premise - all had me hooked (mostly Foxy!)
What made you decide to keep watching the show?Because it sucked me in right away. Plus all the male eyecandy!
Who is your favorite character and why?SAWYER! So hot, so complex, so tortured - and so delightfully snarky
Who is your least favorite character and why?Eh. Lately, Charlie has bugged me so much! I HATE the cutesiness of C/C and his backstories are the worst! But Michael and Jin are just boring and underdeveloped.
What is your favorite pairing and why?Jack/Sawyer, baby! Two hot guys! The antagonism! The snark. The hotness!
What is your least favorite pairing and, yes, why?C/C. Just ick. Too nauseatingly cute.
What has been your favorite episode thusfar?Confidence Man will always be my favorite, with Outlaws and Do No Harm vying for 2nd.
Your least favorite?Special - sooooo damn boring. I could *not* have cared less.
Which character/pairing do you think should be focused on or developed more?Sun could use more screen time! (And the triangle, of course!)
What is your favorite crazy island mystery?The hatch, I guess. Although when they found the transmission, it gave me chills!
Who do you think has the most interesting backstory?Sawyer!
Whose backstory is the least interesting?Michael. Snooze.
Which plot twist completely blindsided you?Locke being in a wheelchair
Which plot twist could you totally see coming?Boone's death - and Michael getting hit by a car.
Who did you think was going to die before it became obvious?Boone! Sayid was the runner-up.
Who do you prefer - Jack or Sawyer?Sawyer!
Sayid/Nadia or Sayid/Shannon?Nadia
Did you once think Sayid or Charlie had a chance with Kate?Yes, Sayid seemed like he had a shot for a while there.
Do you think Locke is good, evil, or something else?Evil - but meaning to do good
Which characters, if any, did you like at first and now dislike?Charlie! Get him back on the smack! Or write him better.
Which characters (again if any) did you at first and now don't mind?Well, I've gone back and forth on Sayid. Right now I'm back to being neutral, though.
What character cannot you off no matter how much of an ass they are in any particular episode?Sawyer. Mmmm.
Are you disappointed about David Fury having left the show?Yes! Idiot!
Is there anything that would make you STOP watching?Yes. If they killed off Sawyer! Or if it turned out they were all dead.
What action do you think would be a dire mistake for the writers to make?See above! Also - to drop key storylines and assume we don't care!
Do you think they have everything perfectly worked out, or are they winging it?Winging it! ;-D
Do you think LOST deserves an obligatory fluff-episode, or is it above all that?No, too much fluff already!!
Are you quite happy to see the music montages die with Hurley's batteries?I suppose. They were getting kind of cliched. Used in moderation, I don't mind.
And finally, where the hell are they?!South Pacific - some old government test island?


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