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Ten Things meme

gakked from foxxcub

Ten Things to Say to Ten People

1. foxxcub: Dude, were you swept away by a tornado? Augh! OK - safe and sound. So -- talk to ya tonight, babe. ;-)

2. ada_farrow: Ditto - where you at?

3. luckinfovely: Yay for tons of fantastic music. You rock! Thank you, thank you!

4. cmere: You are the queen of pr0n, comment, RPS, or any other kind. I bow to you!

5. demonqueen666: Please post your Sawyid fic! And I've fallen behind on reading "Metamorphosis." I will catch up soon!

6. uberaeryn: Yay! Your muse is back. Vive le so-beautiful-it-hurts angsty Jack/Sawyer death/smut. hands you nicotine gum

7. dustyirish2003: I hear you might be working on "Interlude" again? I'll feed you cookies if you are!!

8. mediocrechick: Hurrah for snarky new LJ friends with terrific taste. ;-)

9. crystalkirk: Your icons & music posts always make me squee like a little boar piglet. Thank God you're so prolific!

10. Finally - to all of you reading and commenting and enjoying the "Night Fall" WIP. I LOVE YOU! You guys rock. (big sloppy whiskey kiss)

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