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A Canal in Seoul (Sun/Jin)

Title: A Canal in Seoul
Pairing: Sun/Jin
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Up through "Ji Yeon"
Note: My first time writing this pairing! I kept pondering on the Day 3 photo prompt at lostsquee and finally this is what occurred to me. I'm dedicating it to my favorite Sun fan: isis2015. :)

She returns to the place where they met, by the canal in Seoul, wearing the same dress.

Jin might have thought it was that orange dress that brought them together, but she always thought maybe it was the site itself that was lucky.

All her luck is gone now, gone with Jin.

She sits in the same spot, on the edge of the canal and rubs her hands over the rough stone, trying to remember the feel of Jin next to her, the sound of his laugh, the shy smile he had only for her.

She looks down on the swiftly flowing water. The surface is smooth, so unlike the surf that had battered their little island for so long. The ocean always seemed to be saying, "come," with each outgoing tide and "stay" with each incoming rush. Now she is the one who can come and go as she likes and it is the water that appears still.

She takes the two fluted glasses out of her bag and sets them on the ledge. Slowly, she opens the bottle of champagne -- a screw-off top, she always relied on Jin to pop the cork -- and slowly fills each glass halfway. She sits there for a long time. She hasn't really decided how this little ceremony will go. Finally, she clinks glass against the other, then takes a sip from each one.

The smallest amount of champagne always goes to her head. She stares at both glasses, wishing, willing Jin to stroll up the sidewalk, to sit beside her, to take his glass and toast her, as they did on the night of their engagement.

She thinks back to how she tried to buy the customary sets of five place settings after the island and was constantly faced with the strange American standard of four. Nothing in Korea comes in sets of four, not with the word for the number and "death" being so similar. It's the worst possible luck. Only now, staring at the extra glass, she decides that maybe two is even more unlucky.

She switches her gaze to the water, trailing one hand in the swiftly moving stream. Flow backwards, she wants to tell it. She holds her palm against the current, as if she can change its direction if she wills it so.

For a second, just a second, she closes her eyes and imagines falling backwards into the water, slipping under the surface. The sun goes behind a cloud and she shivers. The water is cold, too cold.

She checks her wedding band to make sure that it didn't slip off her finger again. Even though she can see it's still there, she has to touch it to make sure.

She sighs and stands up. She has a child to get back to. She's about to gather up the glasses and the bottle and put them back in her bag, but at the last moment, decides to leave them there.

Let them bring luck to someone else, if they can.
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