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Oh Christ!

Alex! Oh, damn, poor bachlava! (If, hon, you watched at all!)

So that's how Sayid started to work for Ben! Anyone else do a total doubletake on the first use of the word "wife?"

And I love fierce!protective!Sawyer. Finally he has something to do besides play board games and horseshoes! And hey, who's a Sawyer/Claire shipper, among the writers?

I can't believe how badass Ben is. I think he stole every ounce of Locke's badass mojo. But still, no one is more of a badass than Sayid. Have to admit I laughed when Ben said, "I think that'll do" after Sayid emptied his pistol into that guy. And when Sayid looked up and saw Ben taking his photo. Great moment.

And fuck, Penelope. Wow. Okay, should I be pissed that women really ARE being used as pawns on this show? No daughter or wife is safe! Fuck, it's like Bonanza! Marrying a Cartwright (or Sayid) is a sure death sentence. That man will never be lucky in love.

And shit, I can't believe the body count in the last two eps. I guess they teased the heck out of the "someone will die" for the last ep before hiatus, so they didn't this time, unless I missed it entirely. Because I don't think there's any way Alex is coming back from that.

And we know that Jack will be fine, right?

ETA: Shit. I really liked Alex. I... get that this sets a lot of wheels in motion but, damn. :-/ Will ANYONE be left alive at the end of the series?

ETA: #2 -- So Kate and Sun are immune from the "all women die" curse -- because they have babies to take care of? We don't know yet what's up with Juliet, of course. But unless she's got an infant to mother, she's doomed! And Penelope, better get pregnant, stat!


Apr. 25th, 2008 06:59 am (UTC)
Okay, you get the prize for the BEST COMPARISON ever..Lost being like Bonanza, and you're right, marrying a Cartwright was a sure death sentence. I feel bad for Alex though, but in a way, it's like that whole bloodline was on the bullet train for destruction.

Ben is badass..see Sayid is badass-we know, but Ben has that creepy stealth badassness that's more sociopathic scary than Sayid's just full on badassness.

For me, it was just nice to actually SEE Sawyer.

(as you can see, I fell asleep just after it aired and now I'm freakin' going to be up for the rest of the night *sigh*)
Apr. 25th, 2008 07:18 am (UTC)
Ha, well the Cartwright analogy also applies to the Winchesters, doesn't it? When your show's leads are men, the women in their lives are completely expendable. And Lost's only lead female who gets a free pass is Kate, and I suppose, Sun. Because they have to live to take care of babies! Oops, now I'm getting a bit bitter!

I will miss Alex, dammit. That was just ... gah.

And it WAS damn good to see Sawyer. Finally DOING something!


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