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I don't quite know what to make of this ep except that I still love you, Jack Shephard. I don't care if he's stubborn and bossy and an addict and insecure and weepy. I just love him. And I kinda love Juliet.

And I don't get why Jack and Kate can't really stay together, except that he's a paranoid, jealous, guilt-ridden drunk who thinks he's seeing his father everywhere. Of course, no one can ever stay happy for more than a day or so. Ohhhhh, TV.

Maybe it's just me (see with the Jack loving thing) but this episode really made me cry. Just the sadness hanging over everything and Hurley, talking to Charlie and Jack watching that empty bench and ... gah.

So Claire: Dead? Not dead? Christian? Dead? Not dead? I guess it's good at least that Claire didn't get her brains blown out.

I'm starting to think we won't see anything about what happens on the island after the helicopter leaves until ... next January. *sigh*

And I SO DON'T CARE about Locke. Or Jacob. Or some guy who's been dead for 12 years.

And look: Frank and Sawyer met. Now can they go drink some beer together?

Comment, don't comment, either way, kids. I'll do polls tomorrow, probably.

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