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I can't decide...

Who my favorite band is right now.

The Killers - amazing album and I heart their "Mr. Brightside" video so damn much. (PS - What is the name of their band in the video? Is it "The Genius Sex Axes" or something like that? Enlightenment, please! And is that Scarlett Johanssen glimpsed briefly among the johns?!)

Weezer - The "Beverly Hills" video is to die for. So much fun. And the best "driving in the car and singing along" song so far this year.

Queens of the Stone Age** - Ooh, I love their new song, "Little Sister." And in the video, Joshua Homme (mmm, another Josh!) is wearing a sleeveless shirt and a black band around his arm and for some reason that's just the sexiest thing ever. And when they all sing "Ahhh, ahhhh," I'm gone. Solid gone! ;-D

New Order - New album! Squeeee!

Jimmy Eat World - Not only do I love so many of his songs, but I just realized he sings "Get it Faster," you know, "Cheating gets it faster..." Damn, I love that song so much! And then to realize he sang it just tripled my love.

Snow Patrol - Just DL'ed the whole album and I have a crush now. Yep.

Joseph Arthur - Through my amazing music hook-up (you know who you are - ;-D), I now have almost everything he's ever recorded. And every song seems like a perfect song for Jack or Sawyer or both. (Obsessed much?)

That is all for now. And dude, my inbox is sadly empty this week because a certain someone's computer is down. :-( POUT!

** ETA: In looking for a "Little Sister" mp3 (which I finally found - WOO!), came across this quote from Josh Homme: "The new Queens of the Stone Age album may be called Lullabies to Paralyze, but frontman Josh Homme admits his ulterior motive is to get his listeners into bed, not put them to sleep. "This record's vibe is like, let's drink wine and screw," says Homme. "The idea was to have the record be like a long, slow, comfortable fuck."

Yeah! Now that's rock 'n' roll I can get behind. Sadly, I just missed them here in LA.

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