halfdutch (halfdutch) wrote,

Supernatural: No Rest for the Wicked

Several hours later.... I have now seen all of the SPN finale! Including the last five and a half minutes that I'd missed!

DEEEEEEAAAAAN! Damn, fandom was right that there was no way he could avoid hell but fuck, that's a horrible, horrible fate.

Would Ruby's plan have worked? WHAT was Ruby's plan? Was she really on their side? And is she now dead dead or back in hell? Can we imagine a happy hell where Dean's having a Bela/Ruby threesome? (Okay, maybe not.)

HOW ARE THEY GOING TO SAVE DEAN NOW?!!! Sammy's going to move heaven and earth but what will it do to him? What will hell do to Dean?

FUCK, when is the S4 premiere?! Gah, these boys will kill me.

I have last night's Lost TiVoed but I think I need some time before I go watch. *whew*

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