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Lost: There's No Place Like Home

OMG, Sawyer and Jack are back together!! REUNITED! At long fucking last. It's not much, but I'll take it...

And now onto the rest of the show (ahem): I should probably make this more coherent but I'm sure you're all talked out about the ep by now.

Oh look, the Oceanic chick is Michelle Forbes! I heart her! And now she's been on *every* genre/cult show ever!

Augh. That homecoming. Margo, glad to see Jack? *tears up* Hurley seeing that Sayid has no one and drawing him in to meet his family. And no one's there for Kate... that's been ficced so many times but I always pictured Sawyer being there, too. :-/ I still can't believe he's stuck back on the island. When are we going to see that?

*talks to the TV* Sawyer, go follow Jack, now! Yes? YES! YES!

Nadia? Oh! Oh, Sayid! You have no idea what's coming.

(Back on the island): Go, Sayid, save the day!

And OF COURSE Jack and Kate (and Sawyer) just ran after certain death.

Oh, Ben. I kinda forgot he existed. :-/ (Cuz, you know, when we were imagining most rescue scenarios back in the day, Ben was *not* part of it!) Haven't we had enough fucking Ben for one season?!

Oh, can we trust Daniel...? I would say, not so much. I really doubt he's coming back.

Dream team - Jack, Sawyer, Sayid to be reunited?! Oh, and Kate too. Eh, can't win them all! (Although I guess I should be happy that she's not being shuttled aside to "Take care of the baby.")

YES, kickass Sun is back!

Awww, happy Hurley birthday party. And the car's fixed up! :)And ahh, the numbers, for everyone who's been complaining we haven't seen them in a while. (Me, I'm looooong over them!)

And I'm so, so, SO over the Locke & Ben show.

Oh, Desmond is asking about his boyfriend, Sayid! (But worried that he's now getting it on with Jack!)

Jack is killing me at his Dad's memorial service. :-( And oh God, THIS is how he finds out about Aaron being his nephew! And no one else can know since it's "Kate's baby." And Claire's mother doesn't know it's her grandson. GAH! Claire and Jack never got to be brother and sister! ;_;

Oh crap, that's a lot of C4!

Wait, 2 weeks til the season finale?!! And it's looking like Sun and Jin will be that epic kiss, yes?

Oh, and I've come to a (really late and rather obvious) conclusion regarding Grey's Anatomy vs. Lost: Meredith is not Kate. She's Jack!

C'mon: The impossible-to-live-up-to doctor parent (who was shitty at parenting and basically told their kid, "You're not ever going to be good enough.") Yeah, GA is more about relationships than Lost is, but we know neither of these two can maintain a relationship to save their lives. They're both eager to sign up for certain death. (Although Jack's got a lot more of that hero/God complex while I agree, Meredith does a lot of feeling sorry for herself and isn't out there trying to save the world.) But mostly, I really sympathize with both of them. Fandom (and the world at large) seems to hate both Meredith and Jack but dammit, I love them and their very human failings. They feel like real people to me, very, very fucked-up, flawed people, but genuine, caring people all the same.

So, hate on them all you want. I still need 'em and love 'em.



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May. 17th, 2008 02:45 am (UTC)
I liked this epi but was upset that Juliet was regulated to well doing nothing. The scene with her and Jack broke my heart tho, she was so worried and scared for him, foolish boy! You don't know what's right in front of you. It was nice to see Jack and Sawyer again, without Kate. I love when its just the two of them. And no there hasn't been enough Ben, I love Ben!
the lie is killing me though, I can't bare to see Kate with Aaron. My god Jack's face when he found out, give Foxy an Emmy already!
The kiss....do you want to know?
May. 17th, 2008 03:09 am (UTC)
Poor Juliet indeed! But yes Jack and Sawyer sharing a scene together is wonderful. It's been FAR too long.

And I like Ben, just in much smaller doses, LOL. When did the show become all about him?

Oh, I might as well wait to find out who's doing the epic kissing, I suppose!
May. 17th, 2008 04:03 am (UTC)
The Meredith = Jack thing is very spot on. The main difference between them that you highlighted is probably the reason that I love Jack so much while I usually can't stand Meredith. Jack keeps trying to prove his father wrong even though at his core he's broken, and his lack of self-esteem makes him put everyone else first. Whereas with Meredith, she's broken and her lack of self-esteem makes her constantly too scared to get out of her own head and put anyone else first.

I have to say, I am liking Meredith soooo much more now that she's in therapy. Just the action of her finally doing something about her crap instead of whining about it makes all the difference to me!
May. 17th, 2008 05:19 am (UTC)

I do think that Meredith is more fucked-up than Jack because she was also abandoned by her father -- twice! You could argue their degrees of fucked-up-ness but I do also think that their various shows play into how they act. GA is a soap opera about relationships where the medical cases serve mostly to mirror the various issues the characters are dealing with. And Lost is .. well, also a soap opera! But with a bigger scope. And the life and death decisions are on a bigger scale, which is why I think Jack gets to be heroic more often while Meredith (who, after all, lives in the real world and could presumably have a normal life, of sorts!) turns inward more often.

For the longest time it seemed like Meredith didn't even *care* about practicing medicine. She showed no interest in a specialty, for one thing. (Yeah, yeah, she's not *driven* like Cristina). Anyway, I'm glad to see her in therapy as well and also trying to make a difference through her job, finally! Not that saving lives every day isn't important but having a vision is also a very good thing.

(And hee, I love Jack to pieces but vision isn't really his thing either. Maybe that's why I relate to him so much. I tend to be a pretty head-down, total concentration, tunnel-vision kind of person too. It helps you get some things done but you can def. lose sight of the big picture!)

There's just something about both of them that I relate to. I think it's partly a reaction to criticism against them -- if Meredith were a man, I'm sure everyone would loooove her, LOL. That said, I kinda love Derek too. Not all the time, mind you!

May. 17th, 2008 06:27 am (UTC)
I'm still on 403 so I just skipped to the bottom of this haha. I assumed your reasoning was "they're both doctors and they're both super whiny and annoying but you sort of can't help but love them." Actually that sort of was your reasoning with some added bonuses.

I think Jack only annoys me when I watch a lot of LOST at one time... though I'll admit when I started reading Skate fics and moved into Skate/Jack and such I started liking him more again. I used to LOVE Jack. I think I'm just like way too in love with Josh Holloway to give up on Skate :)
May. 17th, 2008 07:03 am (UTC)
Oh, Desmond is asking about his boyfriend, Sayid! (But worried that he's now getting it on with Jack!)

Sayid will only cheat on him with Nadia or Shannon's ghost. *nods eagerly*

I thought the same when Kate followed Sayid. I was like 'oooooh finally there's the Dream Team again' and then 'bollocks, she's got to be there, too!'. Oh well. Richard is still better than Keamy I guess.

seeing that Sayid has no one and drawing him in to meet his family.

God did I tear up.

*sighs* two weeks are long.
May. 17th, 2008 07:53 am (UTC)
the J/S reunion for me was the epic part already - and we know they just kissed off screen. ;)
But yes, from what we've seen there's going to be the Sun/Jin farewell kiss in the finale. *sighs* It's a pity, now that Jin was finally speaking he could've been more interesting.

I doubted Daniel was coming back, too, but it looks like he really is - because, really, where is he going with a rubber boat anyway?

Claire and Jack never got to be brother and sister!
This is so sad... Though I still hope Claire is alive and will appear in the next seasons as well.

About Grey's...mmm. They have a few points in common but I'm one of those who hates Meredith while I clearly love Jack, so they must be different in something important for me (and not just the fact that Foxy is hot!). I think it's the "sorry for herself" part, and the fact that she never tries to take her life in her own hands, she's always waiting for something to happen. I find that annoying.
Speaking of Grey's, I really think they've taken up interesting storylines lately. (Hahn's, Mark's and Alex's in particular).
May. 20th, 2008 06:03 am (UTC)
To the last part of your post, I say, "Ditto!" Jack and Meredith feel real and human. I'm a bit concerned at how dark and angry Jack is getting, but I have faith that he won't be completely screwed in the end... perhaps just mostly, but still.

I think it's really sad that Claire and Jack never got to see each other as siblings, too. I wonder how things would have been different between them.
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