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Random stuff and a rec

So here's one of those random posts --

Two people on my flist requested I write a Sawyer-baby fic - probably because I'd just written the very fluffy "Cats and Dogs." So I started one, but honestly, I'm not liking it much. So, instead I am shooing you all towards eponine119's fab fic, Babysitting. It has a touch of Sawyer angst to keep things from getting too damn sweet. So, go read and enjoy.

In other fic news, I feel so bad about neglecting "Happy Birthday!" Is it because I got on board the J/S slash train and never looked back? Or simply that I got stuck? A little of both. And I don't have a brilliant writing partner on that one, like I do on "Night Fall," so slightly less motivated to keep it going. But I just started working on the next chapter again ... urgh. Hope to finish soon and post the darn puppy!

I stayed up til 3 am last night watching old tapes of Foxy's show "Haunted" after seeing crystalkirk's fab icons. And you know what - the show was not even as good as I remembered! I think I was just blinded by the Foxy love back then and all the mega-angst. The actress who played his wife may be the worst actress ever in the history of television. Just truly, truly awful. And now we know when Foxy got his tats - after that show was filmed because he didn't have the pyramid/5 tattoo on his bicep yet or the inner-arm one with flames yet. (Or they were covered with makeup, I suppose.) I thought I had the pilot ep (the one where he is stabbed/shot and dies and comes back to life - major angst!) but I couldn't find it last night. So do I want to get the whole series on bootleg on eBay ... maybe I still do!

And the last ep I watched was the worst written - completely predictable since the man sees ghosts, and if he hasn't seen a ghost all ep, chances are, the people's he stuck with are, yep, ghosts. But in this one, he's been in a car accident in a remote area and they take him in and take care of him but at one point they tie him to a bed! Crystal, where are the screencaps of that?

In discussing old New Order with philomel, I realize I don't have one of my favorite songs/EPs: "Everything's Gone Green/Mesh/Hurt." But I swore I had it once. Maybe on tape? Looks like I'd have to buy it on vinyl on eBay to get it on its own, or shell out for a mega box set. I already have almost everything else, though, so would it be worth it? (thinks hard)

And that band Louis XIV is another '80s throwback. Anyone remember The Fall? They sounded *very* similar.
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