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Now, this pisses me off...

I turned off anonymous commenting ages ago, when someone started bashing Josh Holloway as a wife-beater in my LJ! Yeah, right. *shakes head* And now one of my best LJ friends, zelda_zee has had to the same thing after someone accused her, basically, of singlehandedly ruining Lost fandom with her negativity. (!) Really, anonymous person? Last I checked, zelda_zee has done more for this fandom than just about anyone else. Let's make a list of what she's done lately, shall we?

-- Took over lostsquee, including running several "Lost Riffs" Hiatus challenges.
-- Ran a "Lost Horror Stories" challenge
-- Founded 815_fm
-- Routinely helps out with lost_newsletter
-- Still writes kickass fics, including taking prompts and tackling new and unusual pairings by request
-- Reads and recs new authors

The people who are running and founding the most Lost comms and challenges are -- SURPRISE -- very often the same lot of people who are "down" on the show itself or have stopped watching at times. So, instead of "why so negative, dudes?" comments, how about a big round of applause for:
-- eponine119, who founded lost_hohoho, regularly compiles fic for lost_newsletter, and routinely reads and recs new authors and continues to write her own amazing fic
-- isis2015, who runs lostfichallenge, makes banners (when she can) and co- mods lost_fic_awards, runs losticontenders and founded therising_sun, the first Sun community, and still finds time to write lovely fic and make icons
-- themoononastick, who despite barely even being in Lost fandom anymore (if, at all, LOL), organized the latest set of Riffs at lostsquee, recently founded lostficfinders, and co-ran the "Lost Horror Stories" challenge with zelda_zee.

Of course these aren't the only people active in Lost fandom but I'm pointing them out because yeah, they're not always in love with Lost or may have even stopped watching, but they're still participating and contributing a lot of time and energy to the fandom they're supposedly "destroying" with their negativity.

So, hey, anonymous basher: What have YOU done for Lost fandom lately?

I've had my own bouts with losing faith with Lost, as you know. But I'm still here and I'm thankful for everyone who is, both old and new. It's great that so many people have been for years. It's fantastic that there's constantly new blood. It's sad, but perfectly understandable that some people have given up on both the show and fandom and moved onto other things, but we had fun while it lasted and as they say, thanks for the memories. ♥

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