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Lost S4 finale

THEY DIDN'T KILL DESMOND. HALLELUJAH! It was starting to look bad there for him for a while, especially taking that "two other people who died" story into account. And wow, Penny reunion. Does this mean no more Desmond on the show?

SAWYER! You big, goddamned, hero. *sobs* (And it wouldn't be a finale without a shirtless!Sawyer scene, would it?) And the Sawyer+Juliet+rum+ thinking everyone is dead leads to much, much new fic, I think. I did NOT foresee that he and Juliet would assume everyone is dead. (Just, please, no Sawyer/Charlotte next season, kthx!)

SAYID! You total badass.

It was kind of weird seeing all the pieces come together since we already knew who came back, just not how or exactly why. Once that grouping got on the chopper though, it was pretty clear they weren't going to get back to the island. And so it was completely random who ended up on that chopper. It had nothing to do with who could and couldn't leave the island -- unless everything's pre-determined, which it pretty much seems to be.

Locke's in the coffin... so, if they bring him back, will that bring him back to life? I was half thinking it was going to be Christian.

Still processing --- the island/Ben/Locke stuff doesn't do much for me. It's like the Cigarette Smoking Man on The X-Files, yes? The more we saw of him, the less interesting he got.

Oh crap -- posted without a closing LJ-cut. I hope no one saw that!



May. 30th, 2008 08:17 am (UTC)
You know as soon as they started throwing stuff out of the copter I started bawling, cuz I knew the big doofus was gonna jump. It was such a predictably Sawyer thing to do. And you know - keep it quiet, but.. if someone put a gun to my head and made me choose... my Lost canon ship is Skate. I don't actually like her, or them together, but I love Sawyer's angsty hopeless love for her. And I love Sawyer doing his self-sacrificing thing, it always gets me. So I had the total waterworks going for that scene. Of course, what I really wanted was for it to be Sayid, not Kate that Sawyer was kissing, because that would have been SO much better!

Sayid was a total badass. Did I not predict that in my poll? Sayid's badassery is wonderfully predictable. *loves*

It'll be pretty weird if Locke comes back to life. But it's Lost, so why not?

Cigarette Smoking Man! He was awesome!
May. 31st, 2008 04:29 am (UTC)
Yeah, I knew he was going to jump too. And hee, I've always felt the Skate more than the Jate. Nothing against Jack, but yeah, Sawyer's love is just a bit more epic and angsty! It kind of seems like with Jack, you might not ever get his full attention, what with his job and sense of duty and all. Whereas a vote for Sawyer is a vote for nonstop sexing! :)

Sayid was a TOTAL badass. I kind of wished he killed Keamy himself but that fight was all kinds of delicious.. (And didn't anyone think of transferring the heart monitor to themselves so it wouldn't go dead? Did they even try?)

I wouldn't count Locke out -- death is kind of meaningless on this show! Esp. now that we've got time travel and all.

And CSM was good until they started to feature him too much, which is also my feeling on Ben. I prefer my creepy villains to lurk menacingly in the background, I think! Centerstage robs them of some of their scariness. Although, I have to admit, Ben's snark and off-the-wall behavior keep him interesting!


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