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So I bought the People magazine and squeed thoroughly. There was more to the interview than was up on the People Web site (unless I was just blinded by the hotness before -- srsly - has everyone else squeed their lungs out over this already?)

Josh's responses are just designed to inflame my passions and inspire hot, smutty, dirtywrong fic! Caps are mine.

Take this one:

My skin-care routine ... is to SQUIRT MY WIFE'S FANCY SHAMPOO ALL OVER MY BODY. It smells good. I LATHER UP WITH THAT, than I use her Shiseido moisturizing cream. I use way too much of it. (Flashes back to a certain Foxshy shower sex fic. *g*)

The best treat... is a MASSAGE. I always said if I made any money I'd GET A MASSAGE AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK. I'm not there yet. Now I go every couple of weeks. (Dude, a J/S massage fic is next on my to-do list, I swear!)

Faints! If only there were photos of the showering and the massages! Sigh.

Also, there's a Foxy interview in TV Guide (the "Star Wars" one) -- where he says his favorite TV character is Jim Rockford from "The Rockford Files." Aw, that makes me love him even more. ;-D (Wants to see him as a private eye again - in a GOOD show this time!)

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