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My haul as Queen! \o/

Thanks so much to everyone who wrote me fic for my day as Queen at lostsquee! I asked for Boone (or Cassidy) and got just about every possible pairing. YAY! And look, janie_tangerine wrote me 4 fics! lenina20 wrote me 2! THANK YOU! I love all my fics!

Back and Forth by isis2015 (Shannon/Boone) PG
Foresight’s 20/20 by eponine119 (Boone, Cassidy) PG
Little Voices by inthekeyofd (Boone) G
The Light Leaving the Eye by falafel_fiction (Boone, Locke) PG-13
Distorted Views of Life by kellysparrow (Kate/Boone) PG-13
Hallucinating with a Broken Heart by lenina20 (Kate/Boone) PG-13
Broken Promises to Keep by lenina20 (Kate/Cassidy) PG-13
Like Bad Ideas on a Beautiful Day by janie_tangerine (Sayid/Boone) R
All Apologies by janie_tangerine (Sawyer/Boone) R
The Art of Un-living by janie_tangerine (Charlie/Boone) PG-13
Perfect by janie_tangerine (Jack/Boone) PG-13

Thick Smoke Rising by toestastegood (Boone/Daniel)
The Fool Who Follows Him by elise_509 (Boone/Daniel)
Watching and Waiting (Jack/Boone, Sawyer) by haldoor NC-17
With or Without You (I can't live) by holycitygirl (Jack/Sawyer with some ghost!Boone)
Even Single Mothers Get the Blues by fosfomifira (Cassidy) R
With or Without You (I can't live) by holycitygirl (Jack/Sawyer, Boone)

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