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First lines meme

Everyone's doing it! Here's mine:

When James was little, he could fly.

At first, Jack can't help but resent Juliet.

The water rushes up at an alarming rate.

Jack never does anything by half-measures, so when he comes across an old camera, he quickly becomes obsessed with it.

Shannon never paid for her own drinks if she could help it and an airport bar was no different than any other bar.

Hurley could trace it all back to Jack's "Jedi moment."

Juliet can't get the noise of the chopper out of her head, a bone-shaking roar that seemed to go on forever.

Sawyer had no sooner stepped foot back on the beach than he was handed the job of babysitting the doc.

The first thing Alex notices is the grass: It's somehow more intensely green than seems possible, at least in contrast with the pool of red spreading out underneath her head.

Everyone in Widmore country knew the Cartwrights by reputation if not by sight, as sturdy, strapping lads who could always be counted on to get the better of the orneriest steer or the meanest bar drunk.

He sees Jack, sometimes, in his living room.

She stretches out her hand but Sawyer is just beyond reach.

Kate fascinates her.

She returns to the place where they met, by the canal in Seoul, wearing the same dress.

He had always thought she was beautiful.

Frank misses flying, misses it like hell.

You meet him like this, in the wild, like it was the first time.

He watches her come and go among them, smiling, but for all her appearing to help, her working tirelessly alongside of Jack, Sayid is not convinced.

Jack never really loved her.

The rope bites into her wrists but she doesn't say a word.

She stands behind her mother's legs, a small, shy girl with white-blonde hair and a little bow mouth pursed as if to start crying, squinting into the sun as she stares at her father for the first time.

Sawyer was never much of a flier to begin with and the hassle of traveling these days, with all the delays and security searches, just about drove him right out the nearest exit.

A terrific clap of thunder woke Jack.

Jack seemed to be spending all his time with Claire and Aaron these days, ever since he found out he and Claire had the same father.

Spending Christmas by himself was no big deal.

It's all Lost, all the time!
Starting off with a name: Why not?
I seem to be about 50-50 on present vs. past tense.
Usually kick things off with one short sentence.
After three years, Jack/Sawyer is still my OTP (and apparently, about 1/3 of what I write)

Sawyer (gen)
Sawyer/Juliet (2)
Jack/Sawyer (7)
Hurley/various man!crushes
Alex (gen)
Many and various crack!hookups
Sayid/Juliet (3)
Sawyer, Frank (gen)
Clementine (gen)

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