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Yay! lenina20 left me (and lots of other folks) some really wonderfully detailed fb on an older fic today.

That kind of thing really makes your day. SO.. want to make someone else's day the same way: The Lost "Feedback is ♥" Challenge! Go on over to lostsquee and join the party! There's no writing, just reading and leaving fb for fics. The first challenge is to read fics in four different time periods (roughly, S1-S4) and zelda_zee has compiled an awesome list of every Lost comm and fanfic archive that's still in existence.

And, if you haven't yet checked out thelostlist, it's a brand-new Lost comm for compiling thematic, character- or pairing-specific fic lists. I swear I WILL do a list of Sawyer Hair Fics! :) Cuz I know they're out there. Anyway, since some of the lists go all the way back to S1, just might help you get those S1 fics under your feedback belt!

Also, August nominations are up at lost_fic_awards!

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