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Mad Men Fic: The Thrill of the Chase (Roger/Don)

Fandom: Mad Men
Title: The Thrill of the Chase
Pairing: Roger/Don, Roger/Vicky
Rating: R
Spoilers: "Three Sundays"
Note: For zelda_zee, who said she would be interested in something with this pairing. :)
Disclaimer: Property of AMC, etc., etc.

Roger Sterling has always loved a challenge. Only the things that are hard to get are worth having, and Roger definitely files people under that catchall category.

He watches the way Don drinks his Scotch, the way he grimaces a little as it hits the back of his throat, the way he holds the glass, balanced just so on the arm of the chair. There's something about the way that Don inhabits that chair, a sort of gloomy authority cloaking him that suggests a king of sorts, one who sits while others stand. One whom everyone else bows down to. Everyone, that is, but Roger.

After the failure with American Airlines, Don is dour, depressed. He's drowning in Scotch and regret but Roger's almost giddy. The taste of Vicky is still fresh on his lips from the night before and part of the savor to that taste is knowing that she didn't want to kiss him, not at first.

Don doesn't know it, but Roger isn't just talking about the rush you get from landing a big client. He's talking about Vicky, and yes, she's a call girl, so of course she'll do anything for money. But she has her own rules and Roger can't resist getting her to break them for him. Getting her to kiss him, to cancel her other date, and then taking her out to dinner at Lutece -- where anyone could see them -- is almost more enjoyable than the sex itself. He loves to see the small flash of impatience and doubt as she weighs what it's worth to her to give in and finally that sweet, yielding smile when she does give in.

"I haven't done this since the Navy," he tells Vicky, but that's not quite truthful. Of course, he doesn't tell her, or anyone else, all the other things he hasn't done since the Navy. There was a dark-haired young sailor, built a lot like Don, who was also hard to get, but Roger did get him. It took all his charm and persuasion but Roger has never been the kind of man who likes to hear, "No." He got on his knees for that boy but he didn't stay there. Funny how getting some guy to take your cock in his mouth makes you feel even more like a man. Roger never understood how fucking men was supposed to make you effeminate. The power of getting a man to want you, really fucking want you, was maybe the biggest thrill he'd ever had in his life.

He imagines how much it would take to get Don on his knees, how much cajoling, how much flattery, or maybe how much force. He could, without much trouble, probably, find something to blackmail Don with. Don thinks he's discreet but really everyone is just too intimidated to ever call him on his many misdeeds.

No, as effective and, no doubt, satisfying as blackmail might be, Roger needs Don to want it, to want him. And he can do it. He can get anyone to do anything.

He's not really listening to Don and Don's not really listening to him. He's just focusing on Don's lips on that glass of Scotch and wondering what kinds of sounds Don makes when he comes.

Don brings his hand to his forehead, lost in thought or disappointment, or maybe impotent rage towards Roger for forcing his hand on this account. Whatever the case, Roger takes it as his cue to exit, to leave the king brooding alone in the dark.

He's going to see Vicky again tonight. Last time, she turned off the lights before joining him in bed. Tonight, he'll pay her to keep them on.
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