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LOST: Season 5 premiere

Oh my GOD. OMFG. I loved every second of it. EDGE OF SEAT, people. Just, goddamn, it was good.

More coherency to follow -- just -- can we add "and then they had sex..." to a lot of the scenes? Like Jack/Sayid? Sawyer/Juliet? Kate/Sun, hell why not?

Also -- Frank!!! :) I didn't think we'd see him again. I was even happy to see Ana Lucia again. Yes, you read that right.

Ohhhhh, where are they going to go from here?

WHO wrote that amazing Daniel/Sayid time-flashing fic over the hiatus? Was it you, gemjam? Because that was so S5, just dead on. *applauds*

Woooooo. Our show is back. I'm just so fucking happy. And satisfied. And eager for more!!!!

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