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Post of much silliness

Because I've just learned that mashup name for Charlotte/Daniel Faraday is Charladay, it got me thinking of possible Lost name smooshes using people's surnames. Like:

Jarford (Jarrah + Ford). Fork. (Ford + Burke). Or should that be Bored? (Burke + Ford). Jerk? (Jarrah + Burke) Cork. (Cortez + Burke). Boston (Burke + Austen). Humid. (Hume + Widmore) And my personal favorite: Shepford! (Take a wild guess!)

Or, how about: Shlock (Shephard + Locke). Aura (Austen + Jarrah). Al-Rah (Alpert + Jarrah). See, it's fun!

ETA: Someone just posted a Jack/Ben fic. Let's see, now that would either be Sinus or Shyness. Or maybe uh... Leopard. Okay, I have to stop now!

(And, oh, btw, I just realized... I've now paired Juliet with more Lost characters than I ever did with Kate! (Although.. I did give Kate some nice men from other shows, once.)

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