halfdutch (halfdutch) wrote,

Niggling thoughts after last night's Lost

I still have some questions after last night's episode, (besides the obvious ones, like what the fuck was Kate's original crime anyway? I think I'm leaning toward the popular "brutally killed my molesting daddy" angle, sadly because it does fit.)

-- Did anyone else think Kate was trying to poison Sawyer at first? He was the first one we saw drinking water last night. (Before the whole "if I want your spot, I'll take it" conversation.)

-- Kate must be *notorious* in her hometown if they knew her on sight at the hospital. The reaction to her being spotted was pretty extreme for someone who was just slightly suspiciously disturbing an elderly patient. I mean, backup called? Guns drawn?

-- Why wouldn't Kate want to stay on the island? There's virtually no chance of rescue and this way she's quite safe from prosecution and jail.

-- What exactly did Sawyer hope to find in her bag that would incriminate her? Did he just get lucky? (Er, not that way, sadly.)

-- Re: the firelit chat, was Sawyer just a) saying goodbye or was he b) saying he was sorry in an indirect way, c) trying to get laid, d) trying to make her feel bad?

-- Why didn't the science teacher speak up *sooner* about monsoon season?

-- Why was Ian Somerhalder's name still in the credits? Is that contractual or is that to avoid spoiling us in case he shows up again in a flashback -- or some other way -- in the finale?

-- Who can point me towards a cache of good Skate icons?

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