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Because I'm happy - fic requests!

OK, I'm feeling pretty good. Comp is working. Work is a bit more steady. Lost is teh best.

So the first FOUR people who ask for a custom Lost fic will get one (not right away, but soon). Possibly drabbles, possibly not. I'm not really a drabbler, after all.

Here's my rules:

1) Has to be some pairing of Jack/Kate/Sawyer. If you ask nicely, I could maybe do Sayid or Boone. Or *non-smutty* for other Lostaways.
2) Specify a scenario, word, episode, or whatever. And a rating.
3) I guess you could also badger me to write more of an existing fic - a sequel or to get cracking on my WIP, maybe.
4) That's it! Have away.

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