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Lost: LaFleur

Dammit, Sawyer and Juliet are so happy together. It's like fanfic, people! The spooning!

And then there comes Kate. Why did you have to come back!!! Are you going to mention that you've been banging Jack in the meantime?

*sigh* If only Sawyer had told Juliet and brought her with him. Like we knew this wasn't coming, but still.

Anyway, Jack! Sawyer! In the same scene! God, how long has it been? It feels like three years in real time....

And Jesus, GOD, does there have to be a fucking childbirth scene in every episode now?

That was Reiko Aylesworth as Amy, aka Michelle from 24!!! I love her, the role, not so much.

And next week, Sawyer vs. Sayid?!

This is all making me very anxious and not in a good way.

Oh, and since when does Sawyer (excuse me, Jim) implicitly trust Locke so much? Is it all for love of Kate? (Or Jack? Or Sayid, depending on your ship?)


Mar. 6th, 2009 01:58 am (UTC)
Kate is totally going to screw it up. *sigh* Just like she screws up everything else. I used to like Kate, really I did, and then I was running on "oh, but she's just written badly" but now... I just want her to go away and stay away!

Did you know about the stuck in 1974 thing or was that just a lucky guess in your Boone/Juliet fic? Cuz that was dead on! Even the cooking! (Although I guess Juliet's learned to be an okay cook after all. That woman is good at everything. :D)

I don't get how anyone could ever trust Locke. Or Ben. Or Widmore. But then I guess we wouldn't have a show, would we?

Yeah, that wasn't Ben but I thought that was his dad. All Dharma guys are the same to me, unless they're named Sawyer. Excuse me, LaFleur! But honestly, did we need more babies? I sez no!
Mar. 6th, 2009 09:03 am (UTC)
LOL, I guessed the 1974 because after listening to folk/country music for a month while I was writing the Depression AU of doom I managed to get half into Willie Nelson enough to recognize the voice, I recognized him from that record that was played in the S5 premiere and I went to check when it was out. Since it was out in late 1973 and we're still on a deserted island I figured it had to be 1974 or something close. ;) And I did guess some stuff though!

Seriously, Kate can stay away. Really. Not now when they're finally alright! And no, we didn't need moar babies. And I'm with you on the Dharma people being more or less all the same, I can barely distinguish them at all.


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