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Lost: Namaste

I wasn't able to watch Lost until just now and I know I'm waaaaay behind everyone else's discussion of it.

I confess to being disappointed. At least, the Jack/Sawyer fangirl in me is. Why is Sawyer so mad at Jack? That doesn't really add up to me. He's all "Yeah, I'm fucking Juliet. And Kate still wants me. And I saved your ass. And now you're a janitor. And oh, yeah, don't call me James." And let's not forget: "You sucked as a leader and I'm the bomb-diggity. How you like them apples?"

Might it not be a good time for Jack to mention that they came back because they thought everyone on the island was in danger? Are they just going to skip that little plot point? You'd think that Kate and Jack at least would be "Um... so, where's the emergency?" Unless it's to save them all from the imminent Hostile attack.

Jack, Kate and Hurley's hair fits in very, very well into 1977. As does Sayid's actually. It's multi-decade appropriate! Wonder how they'll deal with that whole situation... Next week looks very Confidence Man-like.

And I think that's all I got. I'd rather not have to deal with new cast members. Hoping their screen time will be very brief. Hmmm.


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Mar. 21st, 2009 06:34 pm (UTC)
Hmmm. . I confess to being extremely bummed out both by this ep and fandom's reaction to it. That scene made no sense to me whatsoever, especially Jack not mentioning why the hell the O6 came back. You think that might have come up! Yes, it makes sense for him to be concerned about Sayid but the rest is just... I don't know, conflict for conflict's sake, and to me, pretty damn pointless. *shrug*

I still love them both but I thought we'd moved beyond the "You're a jerk" "No, you're a jerk" phase. I mean, that scene in your icon...? Might as well have been two totally different characters.


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