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Lost: Namaste

I wasn't able to watch Lost until just now and I know I'm waaaaay behind everyone else's discussion of it.

I confess to being disappointed. At least, the Jack/Sawyer fangirl in me is. Why is Sawyer so mad at Jack? That doesn't really add up to me. He's all "Yeah, I'm fucking Juliet. And Kate still wants me. And I saved your ass. And now you're a janitor. And oh, yeah, don't call me James." And let's not forget: "You sucked as a leader and I'm the bomb-diggity. How you like them apples?"

Might it not be a good time for Jack to mention that they came back because they thought everyone on the island was in danger? Are they just going to skip that little plot point? You'd think that Kate and Jack at least would be "Um... so, where's the emergency?" Unless it's to save them all from the imminent Hostile attack.

Jack, Kate and Hurley's hair fits in very, very well into 1977. As does Sayid's actually. It's multi-decade appropriate! Wonder how they'll deal with that whole situation... Next week looks very Confidence Man-like.

And I think that's all I got. I'd rather not have to deal with new cast members. Hoping their screen time will be very brief. Hmmm.


Mar. 21st, 2009 11:23 pm (UTC)
Minus my confusion over the J/S scene, I really enjoyed the episode. The plane crash alone in the beginning was incredible to me. And as Jack walked into Juliet's house, I went awesome - Jack/Sawyer/Juliet threesome! And then it was like...






In that order! I think what Sawyer said had some truth to it, but it was so out of left field. It was a complete overreaction to Jack's dig about Sawyer reading in a time of crisis. Upon second viewing, I think Jack went in expecting to hear a plan to save Sayid and he immediately jumped on Sawyer for being indifferent about it, because Sawyer was kind of famous for that for a while on the show.

I noticed something the first time I watched it though and then again upon second viewing. Jack looked almost relieved when Sawyer took control away from him. Almost as if it was a revelation and I was actually really intrigued by that. If the writers stick to this and let Jack kind of soak it in and become a more go-with-the-flow kind of character, I think it could be interesting. I personally would love to see Jack take on a different role in the group (Even though I love him as both the good and the flawed hero). Making him a regular guy is a neat twist.

I'm probably giving too much credit to the writers though. Jack will probably be off blowing shit up and trying to save people next week.

I don't know. I came home Wednesday pretty happy with the episode (It tipped a hat to Jack's recovery when he turned down the beer, we found out who knocked Ben out, and saw a brief glimpse of Claire in the creepy cabin when Christian met with Frank and Sun). It was a little shocking for me to see the fandom reaction to it. I feel pretty out of sync with everyone, but I completely understand why so many would dislike the episode. It is definitely a rocky spot in the season.
Mar. 23rd, 2009 01:24 am (UTC)
HI, dear. We totally need some Jack/Sawyer/Juliet about now!

You are much more in tune with the show than I am these days, I think. I remember Ben being knocked out but I don't remember that it was a mystery -- I figured he'd been knocked out in the crash! (You know I don't have great recall when it comes to the Ben story lines!)

I hadn't realized, either, what it meant for Jack to turn down a beer. *nods* That is a nice touch. I was disappointed in this ep as I was awaiting this reunion for over a year!! I'm upset that so many things I consider important (like the O6's reason for coming back in the first place!) didn't get mentioned at all. And that's just very frustrating. I'm happy with Leader!Sawyer but not happy that he has to take digs at Jack and vice versa. It seems so childish and just a silly writer's idea of a way to create tension when there's already plenty.

Hoping that the next ep deals with those issues! At least we'll get Sayid in bondage, right?
Mar. 23rd, 2009 01:53 am (UTC)
Sayid in bondage automatically makes the episode an A. I'll add a + if we get something slashy to make up for last week.

The only reason I thought something was weird about Ben being knocked out was that someone said he had gone off with the woman and the pilot in the boat. Obviously, Ben didn't make it off the island since Locke runs into him in the makeshift sick bay. It was just weird and I couldn't figure out why Ben was out cold near the Hydra station when he was supposed to have made it off the island with Frank and Sun.

As for Jack turning down the beer, I saw it as a nod to his addiction, but I've seen people say that the island is curing him, like Rose and Locke. Not the way I'd like to see that storyline resolved, but I highly doubt they'll touch on it again on the show.

I'm really surprised that Jack, Hurley, and Kate didn't immediately go, "What's wrong? Is everyone okay? What happened to you guys that was so freaking terrible that Locke had to die to get us back?" Ya know, obvious questions. Maybe they'll touch on it next week as you said between the Kate/Juliet cat fighting and pissing contests between the men.

At least there is fic to fix things and fill in the gaps. And hopefully give me J/J/S porn at some point.


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