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Lost drabble

One small Jack-centric drabble, written for the Drabble Challenge at lostsquee. The pompt was "shape."


Jack eyes his reflection, running the back of his hand over his oddly smooth cheek. It's strange to see himself without the beard. He's thinner than he'd realized, his cheeks oddly hollow.

His fingertips trace the shape of his nose: It's more prominent than he remembered. With eyes half-closed, he explores the jut of his chin, the curve of his Adam's apple.

People will say he's back to his old self, but it's like looking at a stranger. The only part of his face he recognizes is his father's disappointed frown.

He can't meet his own gaze in the mirror.

ETA: A master list of all the drabbles written by various authors is available here. Go, check it out! :)
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