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Lost: He's Our You

Mostly, I want to know what zelda_zee thinks of the episode!

Wow, I really liked this episode. A lot. Despite the fact that Sawyer did NOT go very far out of his way to save his boyfriend. :-/ I admit I'm shocked at the ending even though we all figured that's what was going to happen, still.... Although, clearly Ben can't be dead. I mean, if Locke can't die and Patchy can't die, then Ben can't die, I imagine. What would *that* do to the timeline?

Also, minimal quadrangle BS. For that, I am grateful. Although, seriously, I was sure Sawyer was going to ask Jack's advice about Sayid, not Kate why she came back!

ETA: Hurley is the cook!!! Okay, who wrote him as the cook? Was that you, Z? in the pirate fic?

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