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A few thoughts I had while watching this episode, all of which proved to be (more or less) true:

1. Daniel is Widmore's son. I had never entertained the idea before but it became pretty apparent with the interest he was taking in Daniel and the fact that Daniel's father has always been MIA, so that when he said Daniel is his son too, I'm sure most of us thought," Well, duh!" Was this a commonly held theory before this ep?

2. It also became abundantly clear that someone who "wasn't supposed to be there" was going to be killed off. Which does not, in any way, affect them being alive in the future, correct? Because there are essentially two of them now, like baby Miles and adult Miles, except that not everyone is happening to be in the same place (or yet born) as their past self. So Daniel is *not* dead, at least not future!Daniel, right?

And that's it...

But if I've learned anything from watching 24 (every season but this one), it's when you've got to flee for your life DO NOT take the time to pack anything. JUST GO. Eeeeee. Does this mean Sayid has to come save Sawyer? Or maybe Richard?

Good to see Jack doing *something* again besides mopping a floor and eating pancakes. Did they make a deal for Foxy to be half naked more often because Josh is now in a jumpsuit 24/7? ;)

I can't believe it's nearly the end of the season. I can't believe it's nearly the end of the SHOW.
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