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For Eloise, With Love (Daniel fic)

Title: For Eloise, With Love
Rating: PG
Summary: He thinks of Eloise, the rat
Spoilers: For "The Variable"
Word count: 176
Note: For all Daniel fans, but mostly for elise_509 and elliotsmelliot.

The pain, so sharp at first, is already fading. The world is blurring away. He no longer sees the shocked face of his mother.

All he sees is Eloise, the rat.

He named her after his mother, a little joke at the expense of the woman who tried to rule every aspect of his life, to turn him away from what he loved, from music, from Teresa. He was meant for something more, his mother told him over and over. He hated the word destiny, but he believed her, did as she asked. Because she was his mother.

He killed Eloise, the poor trusting rat, just as he killed Teresa, even if she still drew breath somewhere in a future he'll never see now.

He sees now that he was running his own maze, the one his mother designed for him.

"I'm your son," he says, as if those words will change everything, change her. But there's no variable here. This is the end, just as she always knew it would be.
Tags: lost_fic

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