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I am quietly FREAKING OUT about a number of things, including the Lost finale.

-- As lenina20 mused, will Jack blowing up the bomb cause the anomaly instead of preventing it?
-- Will everyone (as Richard said) die?
-- Why does it have to come down to (apparently) the quadrangle having a showdown over who belongs with who/has whose back? *sigh*
-- If everyone in 1977 (except Richard) DOES die, wtf will next season be about?
-- If they kill off just, say, Juliet, I may be done with the show. *bites nails* How many times have I said THAT before?
-- And, come to think of it, imagine if S5's finale does end up with the island going "BOOM" and then knowing that everything that's happened was set to repeat -- kinda sounds like the ultimate ironic series finale. Not that I want that.

And a few general questions of the not-paying-attention kind:
-- How did the Others end up on the island in the first place?
-- Where the fuck did the H-bomb come from?
-- Shouldn't "sealing up the bomb in concrete" be like making it some very big cement shoes, rather than building a temple around it?

But this prompt made me LOL:

Can I please get a fic where Daniel and Desmond time travel and solve crimes? (Bonus points if you can get them dressed up as Pilgrims)

This HAS to be someone on my flist... right? I definitely want to read that! Heeeeee.

Gen anon fic meme at ontd_lost

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