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Limericks for haldoor

Character-centric limericks for lostsquee Queen haldoor! You just had to go and mention limericks, didn't you?
Spoilers for S5!
Rating: G

There once was a man named Sawyer
Who made lonely, rich women purr
Once he took them to bed,
With their money he fled
Cuz that's what he was in it fer.

There once was a doctor named Jack
A mighty fine doc, that's a fact
A man of science,
Though not big on guidance
His motto: "We need to go back!"

There once was a man named Sayid
Who was skilled at making men bleed
The gun and the knife
Were tools of his life
But he could kill you with just his feet!

There was once a rich boy named Boone
Whose death was unfair and too soon.
His last words: "Tell Shannon"
He lives on in fanon
Still making fangirls (and Jack) swoon

There once was a Scots man named Hume
Who drank more than one ought consume
Though time he traveled
Its fabric unraveled
Until his blue shirt met its doom

There once was a man named Richard
Whom, to a strange island, was lured
We don't know quite when
But he's old as sin
Although that's just what we've heard

There once was a woman named Kate
Whom everyone just loved to hate
She was horribly torn
Since the day she was born
Whether to embrace Skate or Jate

There once was a woman named Sun
Who couldn't believe what she'd done
English, she learned
A husband, she spurned
Unsure, in her oven, whose bun?

There once was a dear chap named Pace
Who had slipped rather sharply from grace
He gave up the drugs
Said goodbye with hugs
And died for nothing, such a waste!

There once was a looney named Locke
Who, until recently, couldn't walk
It should really be said
That now he is dead
Or is that just a load of crock?

There once was a psychic named Miles
Who could hear the dead roaming the aisles
They'd tell him a lot
Like, big holes in the plot
Such as those ripped from The X-Files

There once was an Aussie named Claire
Who had long, beautiful blonde hair
She's now with her dad
Which isn't so bad
Though Aaron felt it rather unfair

There once was a young man named Daniel
Who was more than a little forgetful
We blame Eloise
Because, if you please,
She raised him to be sacrificeable
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