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More Lost limericks

These simply refused to be funny which, I suppose, violates the spirit of the limerick entirely!
Rating: PG for implied Sawyer sexing

There once was a guy named Hurley
Whose hair was uncommonly curly
He was fond of his food
But inclined to brood
Upon a curse both devilish and squirrelly

A fair damsel named Juliet
Was as tough as tough ever gets
Misfortune and lies
Turned into her ice
'Til James made her meltingly wet

A Frenchwoman named Danielle
Adapted remarkably well
To life on an isle
Where death wore a smile
Before dragging you, screaming, to hell

A sweet girl named Alex, I'm told
Was stolen while not a year old
Raised as an Other
Away from her mother
By a man whose heart was ice cold
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