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Random fandom thoughts

Finally watched this week's 24. OMG!
Don't kill Tony!!

I have shiny new icons (well, new to me) by undyinglands. Pets my pretty new dimpled Sawyer icon. Mmmmm. I suddenly had too many OT3 and OTP icons and NOT ENOUGH SAWYER. So that situation has been remedied. Because sometimes we just want to appreciate Sawyer all by himself!

OMG! New Lost tonight. (iz dead in anticipation of Shirtless!Sawyer)

If Sawyer gets on that raft ... eeeeek! I -- and my flist -- will all wail like banshees and just be dead for about four months.

So - as I'd speculated, I read a vague spoiler that the castaways on the raft run into something when they leave the island ... ! Something that sends them scurrying back, we can only hope. And apparently, Harold Perrineau doesn't know if he's coming back next season? Or is just being coy.

I'm the most schizophrenic fan when it comes to spoilers -- I don't actively seek them out, and when I do come across one, I want to discuss with others but then that always leads to MORE spoilers that I DON'T want to know. I feel like I never know the whole story because I get stuff in drips and drabs and don't want to go verify because then I'll know too much! Er, so if I didn't mention it here, I don't wanna know about it!

OK and for next season - will Michelle Rodriguez RUIN the show? Please dear God, let her be killed off right away! Esp. if they're trying to pair her up with Jack! Nooooo! That ain't right. Better she and Kate get paired up, freeing Jack to be with Sawyer, of course. What -- why else are they moving to 9 pm?

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