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Sweaty Sawyer! Jack! Soooooo slashy!

Forgive my incoherence - slightly tipsy from so much fuckin' canon SLASH!

The way the Jack/Sawyer scene played out was beyond my wildest slashy dreams! Fuckin' A!

Sawyer - oh, so tender and angsty! Just the slightest hint at a shared bad childhood (huggles them both)

And GUH so sweaty and shirtless and did I mention sweaty and shirtless?!!

OK - substance. I no longer want ANYONE to die. Not even Jin. Was in TEARS over Jin/Sun. Was in tears over Walt giving Vincent to Shannon.

Was that it for Michelle Rodriguez. God, I hope so. (Sorry, Mari. ;-D) That was the most pointless scene ever, though. If I were Jack I would tell that nosy bitch to FUCK OFF! Oh well, guess she's dead now.

AW - Sawyer and Kate didn't get to say goodbye.

AW - Sawyer was helpful.

Um -- I'm mostly dead and a little tipsy and tired.

I will be DEAD for the finale and Diving!Sawyer. They're all comin' back to the island, dude.

Where Jack & Sawyer will finally have le hot jungle sex.

Cries. Flails. Squees.

Dude. I DEMAND nekkid Lumberjack!Sawyer icons!!!

And crystalkirk or mediocrechick can I have "You must be this tall to ride this ride" J/S icons? (stems from my being dissed by a 15-year-old! for the J/S obsession. Bah. Manslash. Not for kiddies!)

And GOD, this totally exceeded any fanfic thing I could think of. (is stumped for fic ideas - beyond J/K comfort sex now that Sawyer's GONE. SOB!)

extra slashy J/S screen caps. GUH.
Five: Sniff

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