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More Lost thoughts and a poll about Ana Lucia

OK - as you may have read, I instantly hated Ana Lucia. Way to poke into our hero's most private personal business and then try to JOKE about it and pick him up. WTF? But maybe you feel differently. So here's a poll:
Poll #496936 Michelle Rodriguez

What did you think of Ana Lucia/Michelle Rodriguez

Wow. Instant hate. How dare she be so rude about Jack's father?
Hated that scene, but it's not her fault.
Eh. Waiting to see if she'll be back.
She was OK, but no Kate.
I freakin' loved her. Ana & Jack forevah

Also - is Jin doomed now that he's declared his love for Sun? Like Tony on "24" -- gets back together with Michelle, then is taken hostage within the hour?

OK - the Ana/Jack scene was the only false note for me last night. (OK, maybe the Walt/Michael scene was kind of filler.) LOVED the episode. Cried like a baby. Squeed like a fan girl. Got chills over the black smoke. Bravo writers. Extra clunky exposition (possibly character introduction) for next season, aside.

If Ana Lucia is found among the survivors of the back of the plane, that is MUCH better than just rotating her in from the ranks of beach dwelling Red Shirts. Whew. SOOO much better. To the point that it almost ... doesn't bug me. Except for her being, apparently, fantastically nosy and inappropriate!

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