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Lost: LAX

I HAVE to use the melting-clock mood theme for this, yes?

Mind? Kinda blown.
Tears? Shed.
Heart? Broken.
Fandom love? Restored.

Hell, even Skate love restored! I whooped when Sawyer got into the elevator with Kate! WHO KNEW!
And after that epic Sawyer/Juliet scene. Which, OMG. ;_;

SO HAPPY Sayid lives. SO HAPPY to see Boone & Charlie again.

Locke is interesting again! Dual time periods!

It worked!

First time I have LOATHED a finale and been reeled back in by the premiere. Am I alone? Or just very, very easy?

ETA: I will say, the CGI smoke monster battle was very cheesy. Other than that... pretty damn satisfied & reinvested. The bonsai plants, btw, made me think of Casey from Chuck. Hee. Cuz he would be very amusing if tossed into that situation.

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