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My 40 odd favorite Sawyer moments from Lost (so far)

I know -- the season finale's coming up and god knows what kind of Sawyer action we're going to get there! (is breathless)

But here's my list so far.

In rough order only. I'm sure there's some scenes I've forgotten! (feel free to point them out!) All quotes from memory.

1. Sawyer finally tells Jack about his father. GUH.
2. James can't bring himself to shoot the man he believes is the real Sawyer
3. Sawyer's face right before Kate kisses him
4. The Tongue and his little moan during The Kiss.
5. Sawyer shows up at the golf course, seeking acceptance, and we get the shy smile, head duck, and flash o' dimples
6. We first see Sawyer reading The Letter of Mystery, a.k.a., the moment I fell for him
7. The way Sawyer says "Sassafras" (dies)
8. Sawyer tells Kate "There ain't nothin' on this island worth stayin' for."
9. Sawyer shoots the polar bear
10. The whole "I Never" scene
11. Sawyer's crushed reaction after he's botched the mercy killing
12. Sawyer realizes he's killed an innocent man (in "Outlaws")
13. Naked!Sawyer wades out of the ocean and says "It's about bunnies."
14. Sawyer and Kate go swimming and he calls her a "mopey, no-fun, navel-gazing type"
15. "Baby, I am tied to a tree in the jungle of mystery. I've just been tortured by a spinal surgeon and a genuine Iraqi. 'Course I'm serious."
16. Sawyer says "Right behind you, Jackass" to Jack
17. Sawyer warns Jack against Kate and calls him brother before handing over the case
18. Angsty!Shirtless!Sawyer says, "I became Sawyer."
19. Sawyer wakes from a nightmare about his parents' death
20. Angry!Shirtless!Sawyer chases the marauding boar from his tent
21. Sawyer threatens Sayid with the straight razor.
22. Sawyer brings the mast for the boat and finally gets some approval
23. Sawyer looks around for Kate before the boat sails, but she's nowhere to be seen
24. "Uh, uh, uh, Jungle Boy!" Angry!Wet!Sawyer
25. Sawyer tries to burn the letter - and can't
26. Sawyer cocks the gun Jack has just given him. "Yeah, well. Bygones."
27. Sawyer hands Kate his own gun
28. "Doc playin' golf. What next? Cop eatin' a donut?" The DIMPLES!
29. Sawyer tells Jack to just let him bleed to death, saying if the situations were reversed, "I'd watch you die."
30. Sawyer instinctively protects Kate from rampaging boars (not in the script, dudes ;-D)
31. Sawyer blinks bravely at the word "hyperopia" like he thinks it's a death sentence
32. Sawyer flips Kate - who has just tackled him - underneath him and says "That's better."
33. "That hog is gonna suffer"/"Thank YOU, boar expert."
34. Sawyer gives all his bottles of alcohol to Kate - no questions asked
35. Sawyer (a.k.a. James Ford) is deported
36. Sawyer hears the voices in the jungle
37. Sawyer beams at Claire's new baby
38. Sawyer unsuccessfully tries to open the case. "Sonofabitch!"
39. Sawyer gives Claire the wallets he's pilfered so she can use them in the memorial
40. Sawyer negotiates the sale of bug spray to Shannon
41. The light the way it hits Sawyer's face as he hands Kate the laptop battery (sigh)
42. Sawyer takes the bottle full of letters from Charlie and they nod at each other.
43. Dorky!Sawyer reading a car manual to Turniphead
44. Sawyer at sea - handling the rigging while everyone else waves madly
45. Sawyer holds Jack back as he tries to go after Locke
46. Sawyer wears the sparkly glasses
47. Sawyer smokes and plays pool and explains why he likes the con
48. Sawyer and Jack have wild jungle sex ^__^

Dishonorable mention:
Sawyer steals Claire's diary (shakes head at writers)
Sawyer doesn't tell Kate about the cave-in


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