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Favorite Jack moments

Well, now, let me say I wasn't feeling the Jack love quite so intensely as the Sawyer love until recently - despite Foxy being the main reason I tuned into Lost in the first place. So this list is much shorter than the Sawyer list. Plus, let's face it, Sawyer gets all the good lines. And Jack's taken his shirt off only three times that I can recall. And that ain't right.

For me, it's mostly about the Foxy mangiggle and the mancrying (TM crystalkirk) ;-D

1. Jack weaves from blood loss as part of his marathon effort to save Boone (Really, all of "Do No Harm" is just ... angst heaven.) And Jack: You can have my blood! I'm a unversal donor!
2. "Lumberjack?" ;-D Gun handoff! "Be safe, Sawyer."
3. Jack breaks down when i.d.'ing his father's body.
4. Jack tells Shannon about Boone - with no dialogue.
5. "Better or worse?" Jack helps Sawyer find the right pair of glasses.
6. Jack giggles madly after being saved from going over a cliff by Locke
7. After taking care of everyone else right after the crash, Jack wanders off to tend to his own wounds (leading to shirtless moment #1). And that's Jack in a nutshell, really.
8. RighteousAnger!Jack kicks Ethan's ass. And then kicks it some more.
9. Jack's approving smile when Sawyer shows up at the golf course
10. Jack's amused grin after Hurley produces the battery he got from Danielle
11. Jack plays the piano on the night before his wedding
12. Jack finally - FINALLY - gets mad at Kate for lying to him in "WTCMB"
13. Jack goes ballistic at Boone's funeral when Locke shows up
14. Jack's hurt expression as Sawyer tells him "I'd let you die"
15. "Why are you so interested in my father?" Jack opens up to Sawyer, but then the moment is lost.
16. Jack's humble, almost shy expression as his bride-to-be calls him "My hero."
17. Shirtless moment #2: Jack strips off to escape a swarm of bees
18. Shirtless moment #3: Jack races into the water to save Boone from drowning
19. Jack snaps at Locke for not telling them about the hatch sooner
20. Jack gladly accepts more bottles of booze aboard the plane and reassures Rose everything will be OK.
21. When the raft sails, Jack tells Walt to look out for his father, instead of the other way around.
22. His goodbyes to Jin and Michael - simple and heartfelt
23. ... what did I miss? Can't think of a fave Jack/Kate canon scene right now! "Verbally copulating," maybe, but that's really more about Charlie.

Dishonorable mention:
Jack flirts with Ana Lucia at the airport - although he was (by the show's timeline) extremely angry and pissed off and griefstricken moments earlier at the airport counter. And he somehow doesn't take offense at her mentioning his recently deceased father as a pick-up line! </rant>

Every time Jack forgives Kate or fails to ask her what the hell her crime was.

Failing to just jump Sawyer already. ;-D


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May. 23rd, 2005 12:43 pm (UTC)
I will totally admit that one of the main reasons I tuned into Lost was because of Foxy, I was a fan of Party of Five, plus I wanted to see how they could keep that premise going...and then came Sawyer..oh dear dear Sawyer, and Jack had the whole "reluctant hero" thing that wore on me(I am now convinced that it was my totally annoyance with Kate that rubbed off on Jack, so really it wasn't Jack's fault)..but damn Foxy pulled me right back, and I'd have to say is right there with Sawyer now.

And this is one of my favorites too..

Jack's approving smile when Sawyer shows up at the golf course
May. 23rd, 2005 06:10 pm (UTC)
Yes, it was all Kate's fault for bringing Jack down there for a brief spell!
But now the Foxy love is back, full-force baby. ;-D

(This is the Jack "golf course" smile here in this icon. Mmmm!)

May. 23rd, 2005 01:01 pm (UTC)
"Verbally copulating" is a good moment and probably the whole "Are you checking me out?" from the same episode is good too....although at the time, I was rolling my eyes like marbles (oooo, how cheesy!!).

Very good list. I would add when Jack doesn't give up trying to save Charlie (for some reason, my fave scene from the entire season) and Jack just giving Locke the evil eye when Shannon tried to shoot Locke.
May. 23rd, 2005 06:12 pm (UTC)
Ah, the whole "are you checking me out?" - and when he basically said, "No," a million slash fans rejoiced! ;-D Except then the most likely guy to slash him with was still Boone! (Which is fine, but not the OTP, of course.)

I have issues with Jack reviving Charlie - not so much Jack in it (as always, excellent Foxy acting) but just that it happened the way it did, dragging it out so long and all. I did feel like we were getting our chains yanked with the fake death and all.
May. 23rd, 2005 06:43 pm (UTC)
To his credit, Jack was kind of pissy with Ana Lucia when she first showed up: "Do I know you?"

I'm thinking there have to be more great Jack moments, but none are coming to mind. Both this and the Sawyer list are truly something.
May. 23rd, 2005 09:28 pm (UTC)
True, he was pissy at first. I just think it would have been better if he'd stayed that way. Oh well!

Glad you liked the lists! Just proving what an obsessed fangirl I am. (like there was any doubt!)
May. 23rd, 2005 08:40 pm (UTC)
How come there's no Shirtless Moment Countdown for Sawyer? ;)

* Jack shaving, hellllooooo
* That smile he gives Kate when he's talking about being a rogue doctor...or something like that. Probably the cutest flirting scene between them.
* Jack snapping and beating the shit of his dad's coffin
* Corpse!Jack = GUH
* Snarky!Jack = <3
* Jack sans baggy jeans = happy fangirls
* The convo between him and Christian by the pool

Dishonorable mentions:

* Jack threatening Sawyer through withholding drugs
* Messiah!complex
* an moments of smugness towards Sawyer (see DEM and end of Outlaws)
May. 23rd, 2005 09:33 pm (UTC)
-Of course! Jack shaving. ;-D
-I don't remember the "rogue doctor" comment! o__O
-I thought about putting the coffin freakout in there - also his channeling Indiana Jones with the torch.
-I loved the Jack poolside scenes in DNH. Def his best flashback
- I also loved the Jack snark in DEM but it did cross the line into smugness (like in the super duper unethical exam)

I just want to go back and watch the whole season now! (Ok, maybe not 'Special')
May. 23rd, 2005 09:57 pm (UTC)
I don't remember the "rogue doctor" comment!

I'm not sure of the exact convo, but I think it's in Walkabout, and it's right before Charlie makes his "verbally copulating" line ;)
May. 24th, 2005 12:09 am (UTC)
Gotcha! They were talking about his tattoos, right?
May. 24th, 2005 01:28 pm (UTC)
Yes! She makes a comment on them ;D

*mmmmm Foxy tats*
(Deleted comment)
May. 24th, 2005 12:07 am (UTC)
Don't look at me for objectivity! ;D Foxy is the cutest. Love him on talk shows. He's always giggling like mad.
May. 23rd, 2005 11:37 pm (UTC)
okay, now we need a list of best Sawyer/Jack scenes. I'm too lazy to cull both lists
May. 24th, 2005 12:08 am (UTC)
And I suppose you think I'm *not* too lazy to make up that list?
Maybe after the finale. ;-D Assuming Jack and Sawyer even *have* any scenes together... Hmmmm.
May. 24th, 2005 11:53 pm (UTC)
Hi! I often read your LJ and your posts on televisionwithoutpity…
Do you mind if I comment on your two lists (Jack, Sawyer)? I’m not a livejournal user, only a long time lurker... I'm Fate815 from the ABC Lost boards and thefuselage, and I’m the one who made the caps from “Wolves”… (= gave you the wonder that is Matthew Fox on horseback!)

PS: it’s not “rogue doctor”, but “hardcore spinal surgeon”, and it’s from House of the Rising Sun…
May. 25th, 2005 06:26 am (UTC)
Please, comment! And oooh, thank you for the Cowboy!Foxy pics. Made my day! Foxy was just adorable in those pics! Can we clone him, please, for the good of humanity?

Ah -- that's the quote. Thanks! That sounds more familiar! I'm def. going to rewatch all the eps after the finale. Because that's all the Lost we'll be getting for FOUR MONTHS! (cries)
May. 25th, 2005 10:59 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :) yes, we need a mad scientist for the cloning! (Danielle maybe? Errr, forget that.)

And YES, please, rewatch all the eps with your renewed Jack love! And take your "Sawyer glasses" off, you'll see Jack better, lol! The guy is underrated, I tell you, and it hurts me...

Love your #7, "Jack in a nutshell". I see the Jack #16 not as shy but as unsure and worried (thus his question later to his father "What if I asked her because I saved her life?"
Don't agree on your dishonorable mentions (I have liked the Ana Lucia scene, and I continue to love Kate, or rather “Pilot Kate” and “All The Best Cowboys Kate”…).
I'd put myself: "has accepted to be an accomplice in an act of torture (even if it was a life or death situation, and for "a few" minutes...)”

I couldn't personally make a list of his great moments or scenes, because there are too many for me, but what about him at the airport counter in White Rabbit? and in his father's office in All The Best Cowboys (saying so much with his eyes and a quiver in his lips)??? and the medical board scene ??? Ah, the final delivery of "which in MY professional opinion, caused the crisis which led to her death" (tearing up but looking at his father in the eyes)...

We haven't the "mangiggle" on the show, but we do have many good lines, that many viewers don't remark, because he has a "dry humor", often sarcastic and tongue in cheek, and sometimes self-deprecating, but of course not as colorful and "direct in your face" as Sawyer's (and no Southern drawl)... Some examples:

- In Walkabout, to Locke, who has thrown a knife two inches near Sawyer’s head: “You either have very good aim, or… very BAD aim, Mister…?"
- to Sawyer in Homecoming “Yeah, I remember the marshall. You shot him. And missed.”
- in Deus ex Machina, about Sawyer: "I'd love nothing more than to check the guy out and make sure he's ok, but we both know all I'm gonna get for my trouble is a snappy one-liner, and if I'm real lucky, a brand new nickname." I know your opinion on his behavior towards Sawyer in DEM (and I don't agree with you...), so I will only mention the "Sawyer, it’s not a fashion show"!

As you see, many lines involve Sawyer, but my personal fav is the one to his father in All The Best Cowboys: “Looks like you fixed everything but the patient.”

OK, I'll stop now! Sorry for that long post… and happy viewing tonight! I have to wait at least until Friday, sniff... (I'm in France and I *cough* dl the eps *cough*…)


May. 25th, 2005 11:53 pm (UTC)
Hello again! You should get an LJ account so you can be friended and have cool icons and stuff ;-D

Those are some great moments you pointed out. For me, Jack's breakdown over his father's body was THE killer weepy moment (hands him his Emmy now) - apart from DNH of course - so I did leave some others out.

When he realizes his father has been manipulating him and he decides to turn him in after all - yes, that was great. And earlier when he let his dad talk him into lying on his behalf. I love those moments where he struggles with what to do.

Yes - those are fantastic Jack lines! I *do* have my Sawyer glasses on, LOL and his tend to be a little more memorable, most of the time. The "snappy nickname" line was choice. In retrospect, I liked DEM a lot more but at the time I was a) wound up over thinking something was seriously wrong with Sawyer from those damn promos and b) mad at Jack for being unethical. But it was great to see the lighter side of him - as if he and Sawyer had traded personalities for a day, in a way. I love Snarky!Jack.

Yes, his agreeing to let Sawyer be tortured - not cool. But understandable. Personally, I wanted to see more repercussions for Jack and Sayid over the torture (you know Sawyer's my baby!). At least Kate should have stayed madder longer! But no one stays mad at anyone for long. Jack should be more wary of Kate after everything, but it's always back to status quo, sigh.

I don't hate Kate - not by a long shot. I just hate how they've written her so inconsistently and whenever they hand her annoyingly bad dialogue like, "Jack, Boone died!) (facepalm) And her tendency to poke her nose in and tag along all the time. But still, I like her.

After 'WTCMB' I had a period where I couldn't like her anymore (or write from her POV and I was in the middle of a Kate-centric fic!) because she was so manipulative. But I tend to react strongly at first and then mellow on eps. Now I like the complexity in Kate, even if it's not always presented in the most consistent way.

I'd DL the eps too if I had to wait months and months for them!

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