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Lost: The Last Recruit

So... the last recruit is Jack? *sadface* Although I'm more and more convinced (as alliecat8 said) that Jack is going to be the one to stay behind on the island. Even if it's all not real. Jack is so born to this, isn't he? :-( Lonely, sad, task-driven man.

Also, Desmond: Totally not dead. Right? Otherwise, there will be rioting. And this proves Sayid can be saved, right?! Wow, I really hope so.

More cop Sawyer! Cuffing Sayid!!! Ahhh, that was a nice moment.

Sawyer and Jack moment on the boat -- dammit, why do they always have to be on opposite sides? Also, buzzkill on the big Sun/Jin reunion... don't they know there isn't enough time left for happy ending montages, sigh? Also, this is how she gets her speech back? Cheesy!

Overall, enough to make me happy, although Desmond in the sideways verse continues to creep me out with his always being Johnny on the spot. At least he's not running anyone over this time! How will it all end (in the sideways verse)?

On the island, god only knows. Or, you know, they could end up being just one big 'verse. Let's see: Desmond is trying to take Locke down. Jack is trying to save him/fulfill his destiny. Sawyer is done with the island -- I wish! Just let the man leave, will you?

So weirdly, I am in a good place about Lost right now. They seem to be alternating one I hate with one I like/love lately. Can you really go wrong with more cop!Sawyer? I'm so enjoying the sideways verse at the moment. It feels so old school "when will their paths cross?" Lost, to me.
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