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Lost, you can still make me cry. I always thought that Sawyer (or Jack) would end up going the kamikaze route to save everyone. That, as far as Lost is concerned, is Sayid's redemption. I know it's not nearly enough for a lot of people. (As I just wrote in vixerunt's LJ, the fact that he was already nearly dead made that sting a little bit less. Wrong? Is it wrong that he essentially got the same fate as Michael? :-/ Or did he get the same fate as Annakin Skywalker? In my book, he died a hero. And a man, not a zombie.

I am glad Jin didn't leave Sun, fwiw. Is that the right end for them? Yes, no, I don't know. And are the dead really dead, if Locke wants them that way...?

And is it wrong that I was just as glad that Jack decides to save Sawyer (even if Sawyer can't trust Jack?) Really, who would just stand there and let a bomb go off? (Old, suicidal Sawyer, right? Which is where/who I guess Richard is now.)

This show is going to kill me before the end

Also... wait.. is Frank dead?!! :-(
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