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Lost, you can still make me cry. I always thought that Sawyer (or Jack) would end up going the kamikaze route to save everyone. That, as far as Lost is concerned, is Sayid's redemption. I know it's not nearly enough for a lot of people. (As I just wrote in vixerunt's LJ, the fact that he was already nearly dead made that sting a little bit less. Wrong? Is it wrong that he essentially got the same fate as Michael? :-/ Or did he get the same fate as Annakin Skywalker? In my book, he died a hero. And a man, not a zombie.

I am glad Jin didn't leave Sun, fwiw. Is that the right end for them? Yes, no, I don't know. And are the dead really dead, if Locke wants them that way...?

And is it wrong that I was just as glad that Jack decides to save Sawyer (even if Sawyer can't trust Jack?) Really, who would just stand there and let a bomb go off? (Old, suicidal Sawyer, right? Which is where/who I guess Richard is now.)

This show is going to kill me before the end

Also... wait.. is Frank dead?!! :-(



May. 5th, 2010 02:22 pm (UTC)
In my book, he died a hero. And a man, not a zombie.

I agree. I feel that Desmond saved Sayid - brought back his humanity, made him look at what he had become and reach deep down to bring his real self back. Since leaving the well, you could note very small bits of life returning to Sayid. As Dogen said, once the blackness gets to his heart, he's gone. So the questions Des asked him at the well kept those last tendrils of darkness from reaching his heart and live!Sayid was slowly reborn.

Notice how much more human Sayid was when Jack woke up in the boat, and later when he met up with the group? That darkness was retreating. Then on the boat - in the moment of need for his friends - rebirth and sacrifice. Redemption.

Sayid was never one of my favorites, but I hated what had happened to him. If he had to die, he died on his own terms, his whole self again, saving not only some of those on the sub, but also Desmond as well...from the well... :\

I fear Frank is gone, although others have lived through worse (like being on top of a hydrogen bomb when it exploded). I would have cared a lot more if it had been S4 Frank. He was relegated to one-liners this season. But still, I like him.

Sun and Jin? Broke my heart with the "I'm not leaving you." But my faith is in the sideways world for them. That they continue there because they are dead on the island. And they live happily ever after.

Maybe that's what will happen. If they die on the island, their other selves will carry on? Maybe crazy Charlie will find his Claire in the sideways world and he'll live happily ever after there with her.

Must admit that I held it together until that single tear slipped down Hurley's cheek. Then he sobbed. Then I sobbed. And that was all she wrote.

/extremely long, rambling comment. It's your own fault, you know. If you hated the show now like many of the others, I wouldn't have bothered to reply! I'm so glad you are still on board, come what may. ♥


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