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Congrats to...

vixerunt and jenthegypsy for guessing the most things that would happen in the Lost finale. (Based on my purely arbitrary, totally speculative poll, here.)

As promised, here is your super nifty banner! Woot!


Also congrats to these folks for being among the few to guess these events:

79.3% guessed Charlie and Daniel would be at the concert
76.7% guessed Jack would cry (sideways 'verse)
40% guessed Driveshaft would jam
60% guessed there'd be an "epic Jack/Kate kiss"
40% guessed Jack would die
65% guessed we'd see Vincent
13.8% guessed "we'd see Vincent *and* he would have a true love of his own" -- I meant this in the sideways verse, but if you take this to mean Jack, then I counted it. ;D

Also, if you're needing a massive dose of Lost hugs and missed my picspam/slideshow, it's here.
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