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My Lost finale questions

Verdict: not as good as the first part of the finale. For one thing - Part 1 had the Jack/Sawyer scene! And the teary farewells. And the Walt-Shannon-Vincent scene. This one didn't have a scene on par with that.

Obligatory squeeing: Heroic diving Sawyer! In lowrise jeans! (loves) I do like the pulled-back hair. I like Josh any which way. ;-D I loved him saying "Aye, aye." (Bring on the POTC/Lost crossover fics!) His singing! (dies) Loved him calling Michael "Mike" instead of "Chief" or whatever.

ETA: (Have just downloaded "Redemption Song" and some more Bob Marley. Dudes - Marley has a song called "Exodus." Inspiration for the finale title? And Sawyer singing something called "Redemption Song." That is too apt. Shivers for a second.)

I was really liking Michael this ep. Great to see him happy and lighthearted instead of cranky and uptight. I guess his lighthearted days are behind him for a while! And now I see how his flashback of not even wanting Walt is coming back to haunt him!

I got choked up seeing everyone on the plane - esp. Boone, of course. (sniff) And finally we see Sawyer on the plane! Don't know why that was so important to me but we hadn't see it before, so, yay! (I love fics where someone imagines what Sawyer was thinking as the plane went down. Maybe I'll rec a few at the comm.)

And now for the big questions (which have mostly been discussed already since I'm on the West Coast and I'm only posting now, but hey)

1. Will Sawyer be OK?

To which I emphatically say yes. I am not falling for any kind of panic over whether he lives or dies. Dudes. He HAS to live. For numerous reasons, including the fact that his story arc wouldn't end that way. Yes, he's finally redeeming himself and being heroic even while saying "I ain't no hero." But that's not enough of a set up to kill him off. No, if he were going to sacrifice himself, it would be to save Jack or Kate. Think about it. I don't see any other way that would play out, given producers' comments about how key Sawyer is to the show.

But yes, I yelped when he got shot. I was so waiting for him to start plugging away at the boat full of obviously bad men who very badly needed to be shot. And he didn't get the chance! Or he blew his chance by waiting too long. Maybe he was deciding which one to shoort first?

Eep! Shot Sawyer in the water. Not how I pictured him spending his hiatus! I figured there'd be a cliffhanger with the raft, but not this! Frankly I was expecting something supernatural to prevent them from going further out. I can't imagine that *this* is the storyline that got the most "Oh yes, that's it!" remarks during the writers' story meeting!

But here we all are, talking about it. So I guess it worked. Helluva twist.

2. What do those freaks want with Walt? Did they want him this whole time? And not the baby? Do they know he's "special?"

Er. No idea. Did *not* see that coming at all. I really thought Jin or Michael might bite it, but not that Walt would be kidnapped by creepy fishermen who are dressed entirely inappropriately for a tropical climate, FYI!

3. So... what's in the hatch?

A shaft that leads to ... next season. Lovely. I mean, I wasn't really expecting someone to be in there waving and saying, "Hi," but I expected to see ... something. Like ... oh God, I don't know. More bodies. A lovely decor of black and white stones. I dunno. Or was that creepy infecting-type dust that come out? And what's down there is disease. And um bodies. Right. Can't have enough bodies on the island.

4. What's the deal with the black smoke? Is that IT?

Who set it? Danielle herself? I don't think so. Is it the signal fire for the other survivors, the tail section folks who include Die Ana Lucia Die?

5. So what about the tail section people?

Didn't everyone else expect them to show up in the finale? (Welcome or not.)

6. Will Charlie get back on smack?

I think that's a safe bet.

7. What's the deal with Jin's watch?

Does it also have heroin in it? Secret plans to blow up the Death Star? What?

8. Why didn't Jack punch Locke senseless when he admitted to sacrificing Boone?

9. Why the fuck was Sawyer suddenly so forthcoming with his super traumatic past?

ITA, foxxcub. That was bad, clunky OOC writing. I don't believe it was setting up a Sawyer sacrifice though. (shakes head violently)

10. So Danielle tried to steal the baby before too? o__O

Is confused. So Danielle was with Ethan after all? Hmmm.

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