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Lost "Hidden Connections" Ficathon

Look! I'm launching the inaugral ficathon at foxxcub's shiny new comm lostficathons

"Hidden Connections" Ficathon
Dream up your own hidden connections between Lost characters:

Were Locke and Hurley both in the same mental institution? Did Boone plan Jack's wedding? You tell me! (And yes, both these ideas are fair game!)

Stories can be set pre-island OR you can have the past connections revealed on the island (a la Sawyer telling Jack about his convo with Daddy Dearest.) The characters themselves may or may not find out about their particular connection. Up to you!

ETA: Having a connection doesn't necessarily have to mean the characters actually met prior to the island. It can be an almost meeting or they have a mutual acquaintance or got the same cab driver one night or ... whatever!

More details (and go! sign up!) here:

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