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Game of Thrones

Catelyn, you are a maroon! As is Ned, in some ways. WHY on earth did you act on your suspicion of Tyrion so decisively instead of waiting and watching, Lady Stark?

Did neither of you think of maybe biding your time a bit and so not endanger your entire family's lives?! Ned should clearly not have resigned as King's Hand so abruptly and/or, have gotten out of there much more quickly. (Petyr, pimp daddy, can you be trusted, truly?)

I had hopes that Catelyn and Tyrion might have reached an accord in their battle with ... who were those guys anyway? Random locals? And then she seemed likely to side with Tyrion over her cuckoo sister. (I wonder, was that a prop boob? Ewwww!)

Tyrion remains one of my favorites, because he's smart, witty and hey, handy with a shield.

Ned, Ned, Ned. Take a lesson from Maximus and don't be so goddamn noble if you've got a family, 'k? What harm would it do to play along for a bit and then make your move? I guess it's just not in him. And of course I don't want Daenerys killed. If they could only get on the same page and realize she has no intention of starting a war! I want to like Jorah but...

Also, RIP black horse. :-/ Was it already injured? I'm not going to rewatch that scene, but was The Hound just putting it out of its misery or butchering it out of frustration?
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