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Game of Thrones

Ahh, this episode made me happy on so many levels.

Little yellow-haired shits! Well, one down, just a few more to go! (I speak of non-dragon Viserys, goodbye and good riddance you whiny little prat!) Daenereys was always infinitely more regal (even while eating a horse heart. There's so no PETA in this universe.) I didn't think we'd be rid of him so soon, but hallelujah! And without a drop of blood spilt. Clever Drogo!

As for the Lannisters, Tyrion continues to be fantastically awesome and the best politician in the bunch.

Ned = much, much smarter than given credit for. Sansa, you are definitely going to thank him later for not having to marry Joffrey. Whose status is... what? Not a prince, is he? Because you can be a bastard son of the king and have some status, but you can't really be a bastard son of the queen, unless Robert decides to keep things quiet, which I doubt.

I'm really unclear on who the guy in the Stark household -- who's not a Stark and not Jon Snow -- is. The one with the bow & arrow who saved Bran and the guy in love with the prostitute. Clearly he has no Stark blood in him because he's not at all attractive!

And wow, tomorrow makes the ONE YEAR anniversary of the Lost series finale.
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