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Finished Watching S1 of True Blood

There were a lot of good quotes towards the end of the season, hence, a few icons:

I cannot believe they KILLED Sookie's cat!! Poor girl. :-( Question: I knew it was Rene since I have watched later seasons. Who did most of you think the killer was before the big reveal? Was poor, twitchy Terry a suspect? Did people really think Jason had done it? (Although that last one, clearly not.)

Poor Sam: Was his or Tara's childhood more fucked up? I kinda have to go with Sam's. That abandonment scene was rough.

Silly Bill: If you're going to go out in the sunlight, at least grab a hat or a blanket!

Pam: For being such a posh vampire, she sure has some weird non-Fangtasia wardrobe. Cornflower blue, nubby wool suit?! And if there is ever a scene where she shows a range of emotion, someone please tell me. She's really got one mode: Ice cold bitch and that is it. I guess sometimes there's a little more contempt than others!

Poor Eddie: Sad human life, sad vampire life.

Amy: Well, at least her carbon footprint was small. I love Lizzy Caplan but Amy was such a self-serving beyotch and she really was a psychopath.

"Miss Jeannette" was the police captain on Detroit 187, I think.

Eric: There was just not enough Eric in S1. That scene where he shows up at Bill's in his bathtub! Mmmm! I adore his line deliveries; he's always so amused by everything, which I love.

Y'know, the way Sookie's life is front and center at Merlotte's and everywhere else makes me cringe. I guess she never has much privacy but the scene where she announces at work to a packed house that yes, she had sex with Bill just makes me want to shake her. Lazy storytelling if you ask me, but oh well.

I totally want her kitchen, btw, despite all the bad juju there. I'd love to have breakfast around that table.

Michelle Forbes has been on every fannish show ever. Lost, 24, BSG, Prison Break, TNG. I first saw her in Homicide: Life on the Street, I think and have loved her ever since.

S1 Finale: I guess this is where the series departs from the books. That was one goofy final reveal there, show.
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